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"Congratulations...You've Just Discovered the Professional
Information Marketer's Secret Source For Acquiring Instant
Resale Rights to $1000's Worth of Top Quality Digital Software
and Information Products, with the Click of a Button!"

Act Now...Time Sensitive Offer

From the desk of: Bryan Winters

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to acquire the resale rights to hot new products anytime you want...without having to purchase them, this is your chance!

Specifically I'm talking about digital information products that you could potentially sell for $25, $50, even $100 a pop to thousands of hungry customers.

All you'll have to do is find the product you want, say the "magic word", and it's yours. Guaranteed.

Hundreds of online sellers are using my secret source to acquire the marketing rights to $1,000's worth of ebooks, software programs, information CD's, audio courses, marketing packages, and other digital products.


Two reasons: First, to learn and master the information offered inside each product. And second, to turn around and cash in with the very same products.

How profitable is the digital info-marketing business?

Forrester Research estimates that digitally delivered books and information products will become a 7.8 billion dollar market over the next five years.

Let me put that in perspective for you. That's enough money to fund tens of thousands of six-figure income earners.

...Could you be one of them?

If this were a typical hyped up online offer, I'd guarantee it. But this isn't a typical offer.

I can tell you what myself and other six-figure income earners are doing to achieve online success.

And I can provide you with the same products I use to generate $1000's every month through 2 opt-in ezine lists and a handful of direct-response web-sites.

But try as I might, I cannot hand you my motivation and desire to succeed online.

So the only thing I'll guarantee is that you'll get as far as your own desire will take you. And your money back if I haven't helped you get there. Fair enough?

Why you need hot new products, and how you can
get them for next to nothing...

It's no secret that digital products spread like wildfire. They're HOT as can be for a time, but sooner or later they lose their pizzazz.

A new product can sell like crazy for a few months and then slow to a crawl with little warning.

That's why you'll notice successful info-marketers churning out product after product to their ezine subscribers and web-site visitors.

The key is getting your hands on new products before your prospective customers do...That is, before your competition reaches your customers first!

There are basically two types of information marketers...

The "bottom feeders" are late to the scene with every opportunity that comes around. They struggle to survive off the scraps and leftovers of those at the "top of the food chain"...the marketers who've gotten there first.

The problem isn't finding new products. That's as easy as subscribing to a half dozen or so online newsletters with topics related to your market.

The problem in staying ahead of the game is that it can get Buying the "master resale rights" to just one product can cost $50, $75, $100, or more.

So what's the "little guy" to do?

If you're already operating a profitable online business, you could always reinvest a percentage of your profits on new products.

But I've got a better solution. One that will enable you to ultimately keep your profits where they your pocket.

I've dubbed it the "Resale Rights Cooperative", and the way it works is simple...

Anytime you spot a hot new ebook or other digital information product that you want, email me at the special address I give you...

If master resale rights are available (and if the resale license allows it) I'll promptly purchase the product and make it available to you and other members.

I'll purchase master resale rights to as many products as you personally request...and I'll fork out up to $100 per product.

Imagine being able to:

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Become an instant info-marketer with an unlimited "product expense account".

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Save $100's every month on the marketing rights to hot new information products.

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Beat your competition to the punch. Be one of the first to cash in on new product releases time after time.

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Eliminate the risk of purchasing products you may be unsure of.

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Parlay every 1 dollar you spend online into a value of $100's in return.

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Become an information product wholesaler or retailer overnight.

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Instantly gain $627 or more worth of the latest products to jump-start your new online business (see the bonus package).

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Access a never-ending supply of products to offer your ezine subscribers and web-site visitors.

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Acquire turnkey product packages that include the web-site, graphics, and ad copy. Add your order link, upload to your web space, and it's off to the races.

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Acquire and sell digital products on the topic of your choice... Diet, exercise, Internet marketing, sports, small business, investing, you name it.

check_mark.gif (355 bytes)Generate multiple streams of income at no additional expense.

By joining my cooperative you can do all that and more.

You can sell more with less...

The thing I often remind my clients is that a web-site is simply a tool to sell products. Nothing more. Too many people seem to have this mentality where a fancy web-site is all important, and the product is an after-thought.

Look, I don't care if you're some hotshot with 50,000 ezine subscribers. And a decked-out web-site receiving 5,000 hits a day. With a sales letter written by Dan Kennedy. It's all worthless if your offer is stale.

...All it takes to break a chain is one weak link.

With a product that's still hot and in demand you don't need some ungodly number of ezine subscribers. Or a top listing with the major search engines. And you can even get by with writing your own sales letter ;-)

Heck, I know a guy making six-figures each year with a web-site that gets just 100 hits a day.

So I'm not impressed when people toot their horns about the hordes of traffic they're getting.

What impresses me is a sales conversion rate of 3-5%. That's what really matters.

Don't make these profit squelching blunders!

If you've already got an online business, and it's not doing so hot, perhaps it's because you're committing one of these profit squelching blunders:

Blunder # 1) Not offering hot new products to your previous customers. This is a no brainer! As long as you've fulfilled the promises you've made to your customers, you have a list of people that trust you...many of whom are begging to buy from you again.

Blunder # 2) Not offering hot new products to your ezine subscribers on a regular basis. Some marketers are afraid of offending their ezine subscribers by sending them too many advertisements and special offers. Hogwash! I could list dozens of popular ezines that run solo ads every day...and the subscribers never stop buying!

Blunder # 3) Not offering hot new products to your web-site visitors. If you're not convinced about the importance of offering new products to your web-site visitors, try this: Find the latest ebook or ebook package with master resale rights and post it to your site. Track your sales for 3 months and chart the results. 9 times out of 10 the sales for that product will have slowed down considerably.

Businesses are a lot like people in that they flat out croak unless you feed and nourish them. And yes, this is even true for "automated" online businesses. So ask yourself...Is my business "starving" for new products?

If the answer is "yes", why not take advantage of my "all you can eat buffet for hungry online businesses?"

A quick note for ebook marketers...

So you want the biggest, baddest, most profitable ebook package on the net? The mother of all others?

...You can do it with my service.

How would you like to have a strong leg up on 99 out of a 100 ebook sites out there? Simple. Give your customers ongoing value by adding new products regularly.

...You can do that with my service.

Or maybe you'd like to charge a monthly fee for your membership site.

By adding "x" amount of new products each month you can easily justify the monthly charge.

DO IT with my service!

Let me emphasize the word "service". Don't confuse the Resale Rights Co-Op with other information products or product packages. That's not what it's about at all.

My Co-Op is an ongoing service that you can use for life. If you're willing to give it a chance, I believe whole-heartedly it will prove to be one of your most beneficial resources as an information marketer.

You don't always get what you pay for. Once in a
while you get much more...

My fee for membership is just $10, once a month. The value you receive in exchange for your ten bucks is really up to you.

Remember, you can request an unlimited quantity of master resale rights products priced at up to $100 each. So even one purchase request per month can far outweigh your $10. (I know that was painfully obvious but what the heck.)

Plus, in addition to the products you personally request, you'll receive each product added as the result of another member's request. (That's typically $100's worth of additional products every month.)

And then, of course, there's the potential money you could make selling each product. This is where the value of your membership begins to fly off the charts...

For example, just one master resale rights product generated $7,495.00 for me over a 5 month period. That same product could have been yours for just $10.

So what's the catch? Why in the world am I offering this service for pocket change...just 33 cents a day when you break it down?

Honestly, I'm going to be purchasing quite a few new products anyway. That's what I do. I try to send my ezine subscribers at least 2-4 new product offers every month. The last offer I sent out was an ebook on affiliate marketing. I sold around 25 copies.

If a product does really well with my ezine I set up a simple web-site for it.

...I promote each site with a free 50% commission affiliate program powered by ClickBank. I come up with about a 100 search terms for each site and list them with, the leading pay-per-click search engine. And I run a list of solo ads in my favorite ezines.

So offering this service is really just a bonus for me. A natural extension of what I'm already doing. It's another avenue to make money with the products I purchase.

My common sense guarantee...

This is real simple stuff.  Either your Resale Rights Co-op membership plays an active role in your online success (to your full satisfication), or you get your money back back with my 180 day guarantee.

I don't know. Maybe I've gone off the deep end by offering a guarantee like this. Somebody could literally request products for 6 months straight and then get their money back in full. I guess the joke's on me if that's what they do.

But I'm gonna stick my neck out and make this offer anyway, first of all, because most people are trustworthy. And second, because I know most people are going to realize the value of my service and be very unwilling to part with it.

Why you should order right now...

Right now is the time to permanently lock in your membership at just $10, once a month, and here's why...

I'm putting a cap on the number of people who sign up for my service. I'm just a one man operation and can only handle so many requests and emails every day. My limit at the current price is 750 members.

When I reach 750 (which I very soon will) I'm going to jack the price up to $87.00 a month to level things off. Either that or take this web page down altogether. We'll see.

That's one reason to order right now. Here's another big one:

Your bonus package!

This is the perfect fit if you're just getting started as an online info-marketer.

First, you'll receive a premium Push-Button Responder™ account (professional autoresponder and list hosting service).

That way you'll have everything needed to start and run your own ezine including unlimited automated follow-up messages, opt-in tools, message broadcasting, and more.

Repeat after me:

"The ultimate key to my information marketing success is building a list of opt-in subscribers that I can market to over and over again." (Repeat 10X daily.)

For the second part of the bonus, you'll gain instant access to every product I've purchased in the past. That's $100's worth of products that you can use to get your new online business off the ground. Click here to see the current products.

I'm undecided as to how long I'll be offering this particular bonus package, so if you want it be sure to order as soon as you can.

How to order...

Ordering is easy.

Click on the "Subscribe" button below and follow the instructions. Make sure to click on the "Continue" link after you've completed your payment. You'll then gain instant access to the membership site. (Or you can always email me and I'll send you the link.)

Payment for the Resale Rights Cooperative is processed securely through, one of the web's leading merchant services providers.

Note: You must agree to our terms before proceeding.

02-17-05 UPDATE:  To help streamline our operations, the Resale Rights Cooperative is no longer available for order as a separate service/membership.

But not to worry!  When you become a member of our popular membership program, you will receive the full Resale Rights Cooperative service PLUS a long list of additional online business resources and services - including premium web hosting, unlimited autoresponders, professional ad tracking, and MUCH more.

Click here to learn more!


Here for Your Success,
signature.GIF (2451 bytes)
Bryan Winters

P.S. As soon as your payment is complete you can begin requesting products through my private email address listed in the members area...Though the many products already included may keep you busy for a while!

P.P.S. Once in a while I get people who order just for the bonus package, and that bums me out only because they're missing the main benefit of the Resale Rights Cooperative: The ability to acquire hot new digital information products without having to purchase them.

So order for whatever reason you want. But don't cheat yourself. You've got 6 months to try out my service, and if it doesn't live up to your expectations for any reason, send me an email and I'll give you a full refund for all six months on the spot.

You've got nothing to lose except for the unlimited products and potential PROFITS you can generate as an info-marketer and member of my exclusive Resale Rights Cooperative!

Here are some member comments:

Hi Brian,

I just signed up for your "RESALE RIGHTS COOP".

I still can't believe all of this is only $10.00 a month. You must be from "Texas".

I've been searching the net for almost a year looking for something that combined value and affordability. Your package is truly the best of both worlds. Keep on keepin-on.

Wow what a package,

-Owen MacIntyre


Hi Bryan,

Talk about phenomenal service ...

I requested an eBook at Push Button Publishing at 1:00am. When I checked my email in the morning, it was already waiting for me! Bryan's service has been outstanding on all counts.

-Larry Graham



I would pay 100 times the tiny $10 monthly fee I pay for this. Literally I have more quality MASTER RESELL products to sell in 2 months then I did trying to collect resell rights ONLY for the past 4 or 5 years.

What I make from the sales of these products will pay much more back to me then what I've put into it.

Personal note to you Bryan. I'm completely and utterly happy with your program even if you hadn't bought me the programs I wanted very badly.  I made a good choice and you've lived up to your ad. Thank you.

Claire Koch



This is not the first time I have purchased from you, and it certainly won't be the last!

Once again you have OVER-delivered with your "Secret Source" membership. Thanks for another great value-packed product!!

Greg Hughes


Hi Bryan,

As the old song goes, "Well, it's me again Martha" and this time I would like to inform you that I have a problem with you and your program, "Resale Rights

When I first received information on your program and started reading what you had to say about it my initial thought was, "Boy, can this guy dish out the hype". I say this because for the last couple of years I have become plain downright tired of being robbed of my hard earned money by barkers that can really put out the hype on a product that should be in a garbage can...

However, something stuck in my mind and a few days later I returned to read your offer again and I decided to get "suckered" once more by signing up. So that is the first problem that I have, your program, "Resale Rights Cooperative".

You stated, and I quote, "...Though the previous 3 months worth of products may keep you busy for a while!", unquote, this has to be the greatest understatement of the decade! And that is what leads up to problem number 2, YOU!

I wanted to check you out and see how good your hype was. You said to send a request for any [master resale rights] product that I wished to purchase and that you would purchase it for me. Just to make sure that I wasn't being suckered and not wanting to lose the opportunity to get a refund, I sent you a request to purchase a product that at the moment I was prepared to pay full price for. Quite frankly, I wish that you hadn't come through like you
said you would. Why?

As I first mentioned (Problem No. 1) I'm still in the middle of going through everything that you gave me for the past 3 months and now I have (Problem No. 2) a new program that you purchased for me within "3" days of my having requested it!

So there, you see the problems that I have with you and your program. You delivered what you said you would and you came through extremely fast on a request for purchase of a product.

Now, do you offer anything that will give me more hours in the day to get all these programs working? Jeesh! I only have 24 hours in a day to begin with!

Keep up the good work Bryan, and I think that I can safely say that this is one program that I will not be getting a refund for!

Gary Graham
D. L. Graham & Associate


Dear Bryan,

Thank you so very much for this purchase!  I appreciate the extra mile that you go to secure these great products to use and to market.


Steve Boutelle



Thanks for saving me $19.95 by not having to buy this latest "gotta have" eBook.

Bryan has made it easy to find fresh, exciting, and profitable online business products for resale.  He constantly adds new materials to the already impressive
collection of info products.  You simply can't beat it - at ANY price!

Karl Weber


Hi Bryan!

I joined your Resale Rights Coop yesterday and from what I've managed to get through so far, I am absolutely amazed that you are offering so much for so little!

It's scary to even consider that you will be adding anything else at this low price!

Jeff Wilson


Your website has got to be the BEST value online! Thank you so much!

-Isobel Phillips


WOW Bryan!

I can't say enough good things about the quantity and quality of products at such a low cost. Not to mention the super service and fulfillment of our purchase requests. I think I'll stay! Thank you again.

Pat Vojtaskovic



I joined your program to check it out for my Rim digest ezine subscribers when you ran a solo ad to my member database. I was afraid it would be like so many other sites with offers that were "too good to be true" and was I surprised and even amazed at the wealth of products you are offering for only $10 per month?!

I have stayed a member and also recommend this program to anyone who will listen! As an eBook "junkie" who is always on the look-out for just one more ebook to add to my collection you will keep me busy and I thank you very much for sharing this great web site.

Jan Tallent-Dandridge
Rim digest ezine


Hi Bryan!

I'd like to say a BIG thank you for being such a great webmaster and attentive to great customer service.

It's people like you who make joint venturing, and
Internet Marketing a pleasure.

I have never seen such meticulous attention to customer service in ANY Internet Marketing Site.

Push Button Publishing is indeed a site I'm proud to be a member of, and suffice to say, I'm definitely gonna try to be a life long member.

Jo Han


Hi Brian,

Wow!! What a site you have here. I'm so glad to I found it!

I've been wanting these products for some time now and
you Have Them All!! Thank You!

I don't think you realise what a life saver you really are. I saw your solo ad in Jan's Rim Digest and almost deleted it this morning, and I'm so glad I didn't.

I had to come back and re-read the site one more time
to make sure I was reading it right. LOL...Now that's something I don't do much.:)

So Thank You again Bryan for this Awesome Package! It's well worth 10 times what you're charging and I'm sure you know that. Gosh, what a steal. I'm still mind boggled.:)

Thank You,
Audra Gehrke
Ecommerce Resources


Hello Bryan!

I just wanted to pass on a much deserved thank you for my most recent purchase request.

...If there was ever any doubt that you would not fulfill your offer to purchase a requested product it has been totally erased!

In less than 24 hrs you delivered on your guarantee on a product I would have had to paid $37 for. This is on top of the other 11 new products I received this month.

I have never received so much value for only $10 a month!

You have a very impressive resource!

Take care!

"Your Free Newsletter Finder"



Every now and than a Rare Product with a complete package comes along to help a beginner like me. I thought I saw it all, heard it all, but Push Button Publishing is one of the best investments I've made.

I recommend this product to anyone that wants a head start to launch their Internet Marketing business.

You were there when I needed help. You delivered on your promise and went the extra mile to do so, and best of all I found a true mentor and Friend which is not easy on the Net.

I dropped out of a lot of membership plans and ebook wholesalers plans, I kept and will continue to keep this one. The best investment I ever made...

Thank You Bryan for over delivering.

Tom Eleam


Dear Bryan ~

When I first joined your club I had no idea, that you would be able to acquire the publications I was looking for ~  I think your totally awesome and your club has so much to offer so many people.

You definitely delivered what you promised ~

Thank you for being one of the good guys ~

Sonja Coakley


Hi Bryan,

Gee, I can't believe how quickly you responded to my request. I really appreciate it.

I've been busy looking through the array of ebooks you
have to offer. It's like a candy store, can't wait to try the next one.

Thank you once again. I just wish I had joined way before now.




I've just got to the send you this testimonial - you've deserve it!

This is by far the best investment I have ever done on the Internet.

Belive me, I have invested lots of $ on different eBooks and memberships sites.

The truth is most of these investments was a true dissapointment for me, promises & promises...

You answered my eBook request very fast and provided me with new reseller rights that I can use to increase my income.

I am in the information business and I am always on the hunt for new eBook titles that I can sell.

There is a however a problem Bryan, I really don't want everyone to know about your service!

Your service is my own "specialsource" that I rather keep to myself, but I guess that will be impossible.

But Bryan please do me a favour - put the price up for new members! Don't let everyone know about it - please!

Kind Regards,
Mikael Eriksson
The Inziders International


Bryan has a great service here - he managed my expectations very well by keeping me informed as he went through the process.  Very quick, courteous and efficient service - recommended as someone to do busines with.

Thanks a lot...

Fraser Neilson


Hello Bryan,

Wow! I'm not an impressionable person, but I'm impressed!

I requested purchase of "Affiliate Defender" this morning, Sunday, August 24. Right after emailing my request, I visited your download site just to check it out. Surprise! ..."Affiliate Defender" was there, ready for download, along with 8 other *NEW* ebooks and softwares!

An hour later, your reply email came, asking me to download my requested software.

Bryan, whatever you do, DON'T change the way you take care of your members!


Art Ambray
Los Angeles


Hey Bryan,

Wow! Absolutely double! triple! Wow!

Over-delivering is an understatement for you!

As one who loves to buy ebooks, I spend a lot buying current ebooks. So, this is a dream site for me...and only for a mere pittance...$10 a month!! If you were a girl, I'd kiss you!

Again, a mega THANK YOU.

Jim Eng


Hi Bryan,

I don't know how you do it but I will never buy another eBook until It's inevitable that it will not show up at the purchase club. You are obviously looking at the long term on this investment. One would have to be a complete fool to cancel membership to this site.

I'd like to see an affiliate program for this site, but I
wouldn't complain about not being able to cash in. 10 dollars a month for the amount of eBooks I downloaded would have cost me far more than what I paid since you started.

If I never download another eBook from your site, It would take more than a few years at 10 dollars a month to equal the value of what I have already downloaded. Especially the 9 you just added. Absolutely amazing service.

Your customer for life,

Vincent Findley


Hello Bryan,

First of all.... GREAT SITE!

I can't believe the low price membership fee and the HIGH QUALITY digital products you are offering. SIMPLY AMAZING!

I've joined other sites that charge 3, 4, 5 times what you are charging and they don't offer half of what you do.

Thank GOD I didn't delete your ezine ad. YOU have saved me a bundle of money.

All the best,




Wow, what a surpass!!!! After reviewing your loooong
page I am THRILLED to receive this offer. Yes, it IS a

Dahlan Pranadjaja

PS : for a newbie like me, this is like receiving a fresh bottle of water in the middle of the desert (I have spent hundreds of dollars for buying this and that course).


Hi Bryan...

Let me say your web-site is fantastic!!!!!!

The products literally blow me away and for so little monthly!

Ed Bangs


Dear Bryan,

I'm very, VERY conflicted!  I don't really want ANYONE else to know of the Resale Rights Co-op!  On the other hand, I don't want it to disappear if there aren't enough folks taking advantage of what I truthfully believe to be one of the most incredible deals on the web.

Look, I'm just starting out. I am studying like crazy. Getting my ducks in a row and one of those ducks is 'product' to sell. Resale Rights Co-op is like walking along the beach and finding a Rolex watch that someone lost and left behind. Gold, folks. It is pure gold!

Thank you, Bryan. You the man!

Brad Burt
"Information To Make Magic Exciting"


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