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PBP™ Compensation Plan

Don't be suckered by forced matrix compensation plans. They're great for the company, which is why they're so popular. But forced matrix plans will most often produce less than desirable results for YOU. If you've ever tried one you already know this!

Sure, they sound good in theory...You'll hear the operators of forced matrix plans boast that it's impossible for participants NOT to be paid, that you can generate a downline and make money "for nothing" from upline spillover, etc.

But the reality is that forced matrix plans limit the number of direct referrals you can make, which severely limits your income. For example, in a 2x5 forced matrix, you can only refer two people directly. The rest of your referrals get dropped down to the people under you. And the people under you are most often loafers looking to make money off of YOUR work, and your spillover.

...I could go into more detail, but I think you get the picture loud and clear.

OUR compensation plan is a simple 5 level system, with no limit to the number of direct referrals you can have. With this type of system, your income potential is unlimited.

We offer generous top and bottom residual commissions. The following table demonstrates how YOU get paid:

Level Compensation Per Member*
1 $10.00 Monthly Recurring
2 $2.00 Monthly Recurring
3 $.50 Monthly Recurring
4 $.50 Monthly Recurring
5 $2.00 Monthly Recurring
Totals $10.00 Monthly For Each Direct Referral
$5.00  Additional Monthly On Levels 2-5

*The amount you are paid for each of your referrals that signs up for our monthly PBP™ membership. Residual commissions are paid for the lifetime of each membership referred.

As you can see, you're paid a whopping $10 per month for every direct referral you make:

10 direct referrals = $100 per month minimum
100 direct referrals = $1,000 per month minimum
500 direct referrals = $5,000 per month minimum
1000 direct referrals = $10,000 per month minimum - $120,000 per year!

And when your downline reaches level 5, at which point you could have hundreds, or even thousands of people in your organization, you'll be earning up to $5.00 more per month for each member!

But don't forget, because there is no limit to the "width" of your organization, such as there is with forced matrix programs, you can form multiple, unlimited downlines. Imagine having several downlines reaching level 5!

The sky is truly the limit with the PBP™ compensation plan.


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