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Pssst! You want to know how the "super affiliates" do it?

...You know, the people making six-figures a year by promoting nothing but affiliate programs?

It's simple. Super affiliates focus the majority of their efforts on programs that offer residual income.

They know better than wasting their time, money, and traffic on programs that only pay once.

Now listen to this:

For every PBP™ member you refer, we're going to pay you $10 per month, for as long as they remain a member...But that's only the beginning! Click here to check out our full compensation plan.  (Please note: We pay exclusively via check mailed to your physical address.)

This could turn out to be the most lucrative affiliate opportunity you'll ever experience...

It's centered an amazing product - our unparalleled membership offer with a target market numbering in the millions. It's an offer that's darn near impossible to resist for virtually anybody doing business online.

...And because our product is so in demand, you'll discover that your sub-affiliate base will expand more rapidly than you ever thought possible...

Literally all you have to do is refer as many people to our site as you can, and we'll take care of the rest!...

Our automated system takes care of the actual selling, payment processing, and product delivery...And we generously compensate YOU every time somebody decides to join.

Our compensation plan was painstakingly designed to maximize your potential for generating a full time income as a participant.

You won't find a program like this anywhere else!

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5 Keys to Choosing a Killer Affiliate Opportunity...

Here are five KEY elements to consider when choosing a successful affiliate program...

1. The program must offer REAL products, or it will quickly crumble as it grows in popularity. Programs without legitimate products are known as "ponzi" or "pyramid" schemes...If you come across one of these, don't walk away - RUN!

Take one look at our product and you'll have no doubt it's for real.

In fact, this affiliate program is new for us. It came well AFTER our product was first introduced. Our affiliate program is built around our product...NOT the other way around.

2. The program has to offer products and services that people WANT.
Obvious enough. But how do you know what people want?

The answer...By determining if YOU would buy the product or service you will ultimately be promoting, not just for the income opportunity, but to use and benefit from the product itself. Chances are if you want it, there are countless other people that share your interest.

3. The program must offer products and services that are growing in demand.

The chart below shows the growth of Push-Button Publishing™ over a 5 month period:

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4. Look for a program offering products or services that appeal to a vast target market.

...Push-Button Publishing™ provides a complete suite of Internet marketing products and services at an incredible value, perfectly tailored for the millions of people looking to do business and make money online.

5. Look for programs that PAY!

It's sad but true. Some dishonest affiliate program operators are simply looking to cash in on your effort. Luckily it's a very small percentage.

We use an advanced affiliate tracking script to ensure you're properly credited for each and every referral you generate.

Our system "remembers" the visitors you send us for up to 99 days (the max our script allows)...So when they come back and order later you still get full credit, even if they return through our direct URL.

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Referring People Is Easy...

We provide you with a TON of resources and effective methods to advertise our program. You can realistically succeed even without your own web-site, or list. Click here to visit and bookmark our affiliate resources page.

Remember, we don't allow spam.

Also, we recommend that you avoid the following types of online advertising resources and methods:

-Ad blasting
-Online classified ads
-"Gauranteed traffic" programs
-Safelists (besides
-Traffic exchanges (besides
-FFA (free for all) link sites

If you've been using the above resources in an attempt to promote other products and services online, chances are you're very disappointed by the results. 99.9% of these resources are a complete waste of time...And time is money. You could literally promote a web-site giving away $100 bills with no strings attached, and STILL not have success with the above methods!

Obviously, we want you to succeed by referring as many members as possible. So every bit of knowledge that we share with you is for our mutual benefit, and is backed by our 7+ years online marketing experience.

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Join Right Away!

Our program is still in its infancy...Right now is the ideal time for you to sign up and secure your position ahead of the pack. Chances are people are signing up at this very moment, so don't delay a minute longer!

Sign up is a snap. Simply click on the button below.

In just minutes you can be part of one of the web's most lucrative membership sites and affiliate programs!

Note: You must read and agree to our terms before proceeding.

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